About Us

Let us show you what we mean by “The Art of Business Transformation.”

Like any art form, business transformation requires technical expertise, an overarching vision for the end result, and a willingness to think outside of the box. That’s where we come in.

We combine objectivity with a strong understanding of organizational change and an in-depth knowledge of technology solutions to help reshape your business. Our distinguishing factor, however, lies beyond our experience and technical expertise. We approach our initiatives with empathy and creativity. We understand that the most important part of this process is creating a solution that really works for the people who will be using it every day.

"EpiCentric provides creative yet highly-structured leaders who are able to manage a very diverse set of stakeholders to deliver great business results within agreed timeframes. They have a business-oriented pragmatic approach to delivery, and they combine this with a very deep experience and skill set. It's a pleasure working with EpiCentric."
— Fortune 100 Company

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Who We Are

As an elite business consulting firm, we work with companies that need complex solutions to transform their organization. Through years of experience, we understand what it really takes to implement a successful transformation effort—and make it stick.

“The primary benefit working with EpiCentric is trust. Their team consistently delivers quality on time, every time.  I trust them to advise me on what we should focus on, and I trust that they are the right things."
– Fortune 100 Company

We recognize that each organization is unique in its people, personalities, competencies, and structures so we tailor our approach specifically to each organization. Unlike others offering these services, we are not playing by a prescribed set of rules or methodologies. We are lean and responsive. We have a deep history handling complex initiatives, many times global in scale. Our wealth of problem solving experience allows us the freedom to listen to our clients and base our recommendations off of real needs and concerns, rather than making assumptions and offering cookie-cutter answers. Ultimately, our goal is to leave your organization better than we found it.

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Our team is the foundation of our business and it is our biggest differentiator that truly sets EpiCentric apart from the rest. The truth is that we’re selective when it comes to talent. What can we say? We like working with the best.

"EpiCentric always delivers in the timeframe they commit to us. They also deliver consistent quality. The whole team is very motivated and engaged. They are determined to make our projects a success and they integrate well into our team. They are as committed as an internal team would be, including their vocabulary and understanding of how we operate."
— Fortune 100 Company

We believe that consulting is a craft—an apprenticeship model—in which our staff are mentored and groomed to excellence. Leveraging our decades of leadership experience, we have created a knowledge-centric service delivery organization full of energetic, talented, proactive people that our clients love working with.

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Our Culture

Culture matters to us. Whether it’s in interactions between co-workers or with clients, we strive to conduct ourselves gracefully and with honor; we are diligent and dependable. We adapt ourselves to new situations to unleash our creative energy. We love what we do and take pride in our results.

“EpiCentric’s strength is coming up with solutions and delivering on business needs. When we’ve experienced delays, roadblocks, and costs issues, we bring in EpiCentric so we can correct these issues and deliver an aggressive timeframe. EpiCentric can help generate alternative solutions and deliver to the market much faster than we could on our own.”
— Fortune 100 Company

We believe in partnering with our clients. We pay special attention to the culture of our clients and adapt accordingly. Our goal is to make sure that we not only solve your problem, but that we both have an excellent experience throughout the process. We also ensure that you are empowered with information during the course of the project, which means transparent and frequent information exchange.

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